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Will you do whatever it takes to get to the next level?  Are you serious about your game and your goals?  We can help you GAIN AN ADVANTAGE in recruiting by offering multiple options for exposure and ANY budget.  Need an email campaign?  We can create a professional marketing campaign that can be sent to EVERY program nationwide or be suited logistically wherever you prefer.

  Our campaigns include player bio, academic information including transcripts and test scores (copies of these can be accessed from a profile by coaches), player statistics, high school and travel club information, highlight reel (upon your request) made professionally by Moore Exposure, player contact information, etc.  Need a player profile?  Our profiles are custom-made for each athlete (by us) containing all the same information just listed above including highlight reels (at your request). 

  Player profiles are seen by hundreds of coaches each WEEK from every level.  Do you need EVERY aspect handled for your recruiting?  Our serious recruit plan will include an email campaign with a highlight reel, player profile with stats and bio, actual contact on your behalf to coaches by Moore Exposure, an email campaign sent to coaches, personal one-on-one guidance every step of the way, on-site campus visits arranged by us, having coaches scout you during the regular season and or during your spring/summer travel club action, constant marketing of our athlete(s) for an entire year!  What are you waiting for...GAIN AN ADVANTAGE with us now.  Colleges evaluate, recruit, and sign our athletes based on our recommendations.  We help athletes & parents not only be proactive but also to manage and take control of their entire recruiting journey

  • We handle ALL sports for BOTH boys and girls

  • We have a 100% success rate placing athletes into a college program

  • We GUARANTEE exposure for our athletes

  • Several recruiting options fit EVERY budget.

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